Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Late Cancellation - 

All appointments canceled within 24 hours of scheduled service will be considered a late cancellation and will be charged in full to ensure our Cleaning VIPs are compensated. 

Lock Out Policy - 

We require access to the client’s property on the scheduled day and time. Information regarding entry to the property (lock box, garage code, etc) must be provided at the time of booking. If in the event our Cleaning VIPs cannot access the property and the office cannot reach the client to gain access this will be considered a lock and the service will be charged in full. This is to ensure our Cleaning VIPs are compensated for their scheduled time. 

Repeated Cancellations - 

Recurring clients that cancel between services repeatedly may be switched to the next level of service (bi-montlhy or monthly) at the discretion of the office. This ensures your satisfaction by giving our Cleaning VIPs ample time to do the service correctly. 

Reclean Policy & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

We have a 24 hour turnaround policy in the event that any areas are not cleaned to the client’s satisfaction on the day of cleaning. It is the responsibility of the client to contact the office within 24 hours of their appointment and we will return to reclean the areas at no cost. We do not offer refunds. Please keep in mind that we do our best to eliminate all pet hair, however we can not guarantee that ALL pet hair will be gone after cleaning. 

Tidying & Dishes - 

To ensure our Cleaning VIPs are able to provide you with the best possible service we ask that all floors be cleared of toys, clothes, & knick-knacks as much as possible. We also ask that the kitchen sink be clear of dishes. If your cleaning VIP is required to tidy the home before cleaning additional charges can apply. We will call you upon arrival if we feel additional time is warranted. 

Change of Service/Work Order - 

If our Cleaning VIPs believe that the home requires a deeper cleaning than what was discussed during the estimate we will reach out to you to go over how much additional time is required to bring the home up to the level where we can guarantee our service. This will be billed in half hour increments. If this is not approved by you we will need to come up with a list of priorities to be met within the timeframe our VIPs have been scheduled for. Our service guarantee will not be honored if we change to a priority list for the scheduled service. 

Vacuum - 

As a reminder we prefer to use your vacuum. Please let us know if your vacuum is broken or should not be used at least a day before your scheduled cleaning so we can provide one to your Cleaning VIP.

Toilet Brushes - 

We ask that a toilet brush be provided by the owner in each bathroom. These can easily be purchased at a local Home Supply or Dollar Store. We think this is best practice to prevent tracking yucky toilet germs from home to home. 

Utilities, Air Conditioning & Heat - 

We require water and electricity for ALL scheduled services. If a Cleaning VIP arrives at a home and finds these utilities are not available the service will be canceled and charged in full according to the late cancellation policy. 

Cleaning is a physical job. To ensure the health and safety of our Cleaning VIPs we require air conditioning to be set no higher than 73 degrees in the summer months. Heat should be on in the winter months and set to around 68 degrees. 

Furniture - 

Within reason (dining or desk chairs) Cleaning VIPs do not move any furniture. 

Trash - 

All trash receptacles will be emptied, bagged, and relined. Bagged trash will be left in an animal free area (for instance, the garage). We will not remove trash to any off site location. 

Payment Processing - 

All clients are required to have a credit card on file before any services will be scheduled. We reserve the right to ask for non-refundable deposits on jobs scheduled to take over 5 hours. 

Tipping - 

Tipping is always appreciated but not expected or required. Cash tips may be left for Cleaning VIPs in clearly marked envelopes on the kitchen counter or electronically through our review system after service.

Periodically you will be asked to leave a review on Google or Facebook and the company will tip your Cleaning VIP $10 (at no cost to you) for every great review left in their name. 

Holidays - 

We are closed on New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If your scheduled service day falls on one of these holidays we will be in touch with you to reschedule approximately 30 days in advance. 

Blinds - 

We cannot accept responsibility for window blind breakage or wands, strings or blinds becoming loose.

Breakage - 

Accidents happen. We are covered by insurance, however, every incident is different and will be thoroughly investigated upon the time of the incident. 

If there are sentimental or extra fragile pieces in the home they will be noted in the work order and will not be moved or cleaned in our work order system. 

To prevent issues with breaking of precious items please understand we do not clean inside of curio cabinets, china cabinets, or wet bars that are full. If you would like these areas cleaned we do ask that the cabinets and bar areas be cleared before service. 

Pets - 

We went over your pets and their names during the estimate and made note of whether the pets would be roaming the house or secured for their safety and our Cleaning VIPs safety. We also went over whether our Cleaning VIPs could give fresh water and/or treats. If pets are not secured as discussed or our Cleaning VIPS feel threatened in any way by animals in the home we will call you to discuss options for rescheduling. Please note this will count as a late cancellation and you will be billed for the service in full. 

We DO NOT clean pet feces in any instance. We will not vacuum cat litter that is apt to cause damage to equipment. 

Insect/Rodent Policy -

We expect our clients to maintain and monitor their homes for bugs and pests. We reserve the right to refuse service if the home has a visible infestation or remnants of unknown and potentially harmful pesticides. In such an event Best Day Housecleaning will consider this a lock out and will follow our lock out policy of charging the job in full so that our Cleaning VIPs can be compensated for their scheduled time. 

Firearms/Weapons - 

Please ensure that all firearms and weapons are locked and secure before your service. In the event that a VIP encounters a firearm or weapon they will not touch, move, or clean that item or the immediate area surrounding it as a safety precaution. 

High Reach - 

our Cleaning VIPs will not be able to clean anything higher than what is accessible with a 2-step ladder.

Photos - 

Our VIPs may take photos of any areas in question, anything that is broken upon arrival, or to communicate with the office should they have any questions or concerns about the level of service to provide. NONE of these photos will be shared outside of our work order system. It is grounds for termination should a VIP post or share any photos outside of the work order system. 

Right to Terminate - 

Both the client and Best Day Housecleaning are both at liberty to end services at any time for any reason.

Miscellaneous - 

We do not clean bodily fluids, blood, urine, or feces. We do not touch nor dispose of sharps or sharps containers. 

We do not wash walls unless approved as an add-on service specifically. 

We do not resuscitate grout. 

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